“H. Cegielski – Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych” signed a contract to upgrade 60 passenger coaches. The gross value of the contract is over PLN 273 million. The new passenger coaches will operate on many routes, including Szczecin-Olsztyn or Zielona Góra-Gdynia. Their equipment will include e.g. air-conditioning and an electronic passenger information system.

The contract covers the periodic repair at the 5th maintenance level with the modernization and 3rd maintenance level for 60 passenger coaches of the 111A/141A type and an option for a further 30 passenger coaches. After the modernization, the passenger coaches will be used as 2nd class passenger coaches. They will offer the passengers comfortable seats, air-conditioning, electrical outlets, an electronic passenger information system and closed-circuit toilets Comfortable and quiet travel will be ensured by modern bogies. Additionally, mobile phone digital repeaters will be installed, as well as devices for wireless internet access.