“H. Cegielski –  Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych Spółka z o.o.” will present its 2nd class rail vehicle with compartments after a thorough modernization.

In November 2017, the Company and PKP Intercity S.A. signed a contract for the modernization of 60 passenger coaches. Currently, tests and analyses are carried out to obtain the type approval of the vehicles for the domestic passenger traffic. The first modernized passenger coaches will leave the factory in Poznan later this year.

The basis for the modernization is a well-known 111A passenger coach, but only its body structure remains the same. Changes in the passenger coach are visible both outside and inside.

One of the most important modernizations of this passenger coach is equipping it with the completely new FPS bogies of the 25AN4 type that ensure reliable running, translating into improved comfort for passengers. Other projects implemented by PKP Intercity SA were essentially based on the modernization of the old bogies installed under the passenger coaches.

New coats of paint are consistent with the current colours of the carrier, but a new feature is the black stripe in the line of the windows, previously known only from new coaches. The interior has gained a modern look, the compartments are equipped with comfortable and ergonomic seats, electrical outlets and control panels for temperature and lighting. The WC compartments have been rebuilt using the closed system of toilet cubicles. The entire space of the vehicle is covered by wireless Internet access and a stable signal of mobile networks is ensured by GSM repeaters. Information relevant for passengers is communicated by the passenger information system.
The new air-conditioning system ensures a suitable temperature inside the passenger coach. All the vehicle parameters are communicated by the modern system of on-board diagnostics both inside the vehicle and remotely. The passenger coach is supplied with power via a new static converter. Materials and equipment used in the vehicle meet the highest quality standards.

This modernisation is an interesting example of balancing technical and functional changes with their price. It is a vehicle definitely worth seeing during the fair.