Yesterday was the first STUKOT ’56 Gala, which was inspired by the events of 28 June 1956.




Precisely because the heroes who took to the streets fighting for the right to bread, freedom and God, clattered silently with their clogs as they marched through the city.


We are happy to have been part of this first edition, during which statuettes were presented in three categories:


For God – for those fighting and deserving in the struggle for religious freedom, which was awarded to the Redemptoris Missio Humanitarian Foundation.


For Freedom – for those fighting and deserving in the fight for freedom. The award in this category went to the Ukrainian and Polish Nations at the hands of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland, which was received by Oleh Kuts – Counsellor of the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland.


Right and Bread – for those fighting and deserving in the struggle for the dignity of the needy, which was awarded to Jacek Polewski, a baker from Poznań.


The event was organised by the Wielkopolska Museum of Independence in cooperation with the PIF Group, H. Cegielski – Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych and the Foundation of the Industrial Development Agency.


The competition and the Gala were held under the honorary patronage of the Ombudsman.


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