Today, in the Hall of our factory, representatives of the PKP Intercity Management Board signed a contract with us to carry out the modernization of the next wagons of type 111A and 141A together with the revision of the third level of maintenance, worth nearly PLN 500 million.

“We are very pleased with the development of such a successful cooperation with PKP Intercity. Once again, we have been granted the trust that we have earned through the implementation of previous rolling stock projects for the carrier.”,
said the CEO of FPS, Krzysztof Laskowski.


After the modernization of another 90 modernized carriages, passengers will benefit from comfortable seats, air conditioning, passenger information system, automatic doors and closed-circuit toilets. The vehicles will be monitored, Braille markings will also be available. the trolleys will be replaced with new ones. The cars will be adapted to a speed of 160 km / h. after the modernization, the vehicles will run as second-class compartment cars on InterCity trains.

“Another joint project with FPS is the next step in strengthening our rolling stock. As a result of the cooperation between the two companies within the framework of the PKP Intercity investment program, our fleet has already been strengthened by 127 new or upgraded wagons. At the moment, we have contracted deliveries of 144 more modernized or new wagons, 10 more internal combustion locomotives will also be delivered to us,” recalls Adam Laskowski, a member of the PKP Intercity Management Board.

The first modernized cars will appear on the tracks next year.

We invite you to see photos from the conference.