66 years ago at 6 a.m., the sirens wailed, which gave rise to the fight for freedom, bread and God. The workers of our factory took to the street heading towards the city centre, where they were joined by other demonstrators along the way.


This was their day. A day that went down in history and a memory we will pass on to generations.


Today, during the commemoration of those events, flowers were laid at the monument, by the main gate of the FPS, by representatives of our Company. President Krzysztof Laskowski honoured the memory of the heroes with a short speech. There were also representatives of the state and local government authorities, as well as representatives of H. Cegielski – Poznań, Solidarność and other Trade Unions, Veterans’ Organisations, Scouts and Uniformed Services.


We thank everyone for their remembrance.


Glory to the Heroes!